Buying Land in NC - We can help!

Selling Land in NC? Call us!Anybody that has purchased a home, or other type of residential or commercial real estate has a notion of the process involved.

Whether you employed a real estate agent to represent you, or did it on your own, there were a number of steps that you covered to get to the Closing. Chances are that you narrowed down a geographical area of interest, then you identified a number of properties that potentially met your search criteria. You probably walked around the property, viewed every room in the home or building, and hired an inspector to test every system and uncover any latent defects. An experienced Land Broker can guide you with confidence!

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Our Areas Of Specialty Include:

  • Buying land in NCKnowledge of Physical Aspects Of Land
  • Mapping on Aerial & Topographical Imagery
  • Identifying Property Boundaries & Corners
  • Understanding of Rights-Of-Way & Surveys
  • Identifying & Resolving Potential Problems 
  • Locating Onsite Key Property Features
  • Understanding Of Market Values and Trends
  • Coordinating With Service Providers

Whether you're buying land in NC, with or without a home, keep in mind that North Carolina is a "caveat emptor" state, or "buyer beware" state, meaning sellers are not required to disclose defects, although they are required to be truthful regarding any disclosures made. The best way for a buyer to protect themselves is to hire an experienced broker to guide them through property inspections, and all the way through Closing.

Unlike with homes and commercial property, very few people ever purchase a large tract of land, which involves a different level of understanding of the purchase process. Buying land in NC, or anywhere else, takes in a number of steps that require a trained eye in concert with a specialized set of skills to be certain that the property meets the buyer's requirements and expectations. An experienced land broker can assist prospects when buying land in NC by addressing any areas of concern based on their needs and objectives.

"Buy land, they're not making it anymore." -Mark Twain.

It's true! Besides, most savvy investors understand the importance of diversifying their portfolio to include real estate, and specifically land for long-term appreciation. As with stocks and other types of investment, the land market has its own cycle of ups and downs. An experienced land broker can assist investors buying land in NC by staying in tune with the market values and trends, and being able to share verifiable land sale data together with current asking prices.

At NC Mountain Land LLC we represent landowners in the sale of their property. However, without compromising our duties to our client Sellers, we have assisted a multitude of Buyers in the purchase of their dream land parcel. By sharing with buyers factual information about listed properties, together with general aspects of the land purchase process, and coordinating professional services for them, they've reached the Closing table feeling satisfied that they were well-informed through the whole buying process.

If buying land in NC for investment or recreation is on your radar, then you'd probably want to complete your purchase with assistance from an experienced NC broker specializing in land. NC Mountain Land LLC has available many land listings in a number of counties in northwest North Carolina. We can help you identify the perfect property based on your particular interests in location, special features, and size & price range.

Do You Prefer Having A Buyer's Agent Represent You?

In order to faithfully represent land buyers, and to be able to provide them with specific parcel information, we require Buyers to work with us under a signed exclusive buyer representation agreement. Contact Broker Chris Breden to discuss details.

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We have successfully represented individuals buying land in NC in identifying their dream property, guiding them all the way through Closing. Once a prospective lanbuyer provides a set of search parameters, we employ our expertise to scout for the best suitable properties in our market area. Before even heading out to look at property with the Buyer, we create aerial and topo maps to help navigate through even the largest tracts.

We also obtain as much information as is available for a particular property from different sources to be able to inform the Buyer the best way possible. Once the Buyer has chosen a property, we prepare and present to the Seller an Offer To Purchase and Contract, and help the Buyer negotiate the best possible price. When an agreement has been reached, we assist the Buyer through their Due Diligence Period, coordinating any effort needed to get to Closing, including surveys, obtaining inspections and permits, and sharing information with lenders and attorneys. 

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