Selling Land in NC -It's our specialty!

Selling Land in NC? Call us!Most property owners have had experience at one time or another in buying and selling a home, but what about taking on the challenge of trying to sell a large tract of land? At NC Mountain Land LLC we represent landowners selling land in NC, and guide landbuyers through the process of identifying and purchasing their dream North Carolina property. Contact us today to learn how!

Our Areas Of Specialty Include:

  • Selling land in NCKnowledge of Physical Aspects Of Land
  • Mapping on Aerial & Topographical Imagery
  • Navigating Even The Largest Tracts Of Land
  • Understanding of Rights-Of-Way & Surveys 
  • Knowledge Of The Area
  • Understanding Of Market Values and Trends

Land Real Estate - It's what we do...

Just as in other professions, real estate has areas of specialization. These may include commercial real estate, homes, property management, international property listing & sales, etc. So, as an analogy, if you needed a patent attorney, you probably wouldn't look up an attorney that specializes in maritime law.

If selling land in NC is your objective, then chances are that you'd probably want to hire a NC broker specializing in land. This broker should have a proven record of land sales, and should exhibit land broker knowledge and traits that you would expect from a land agent.

Reasons For Selling & What To Expect

The reasons why anyone sells land are as diverse as the sellers themselves. Most often, the trigger for placing land on the market involves change of one sort or another. These changes may include a shift in the family structure, such as marriage, birth, or passing of a loved one. It may also involve a change from a financial perspective, like investment appreciation, or the need to convert equity to cash for whatever reason.

One thing to remember if you're thinking of selling land in NC is that on average, it takes longer than selling a home. So, the best time to sell land is when you're not in a hurry. Also, the likely selling time frame will depend largely on how you price your property. An experienced land broker can assist you in pricing your property based on your goals and needs.

If you're considering selling land in NC, then providing you with historical land sales data including average and range, together with current asking prices for land in the local market, will allow you to make an informed decision on how to price your property for sale.

Contact Chris Breden if you are considering selling land in NC!